Xmart Volume

Xmart Volume 1.1

Adjust headphone volume to outside noise


  • Control volume for one window
  • Adjust to outside environment


  • Not always precise


When was the last time you missed out on a conversation because you were too busy listening to your music? To me it can happen everyday.

Xmart Volume was created to adjust the volume on your headphones according to your outside environment. Say somebody comes and starts talking to you, Xmart Volume will automatically lower the volume of your music. You'll need to have an inbuilt microphone in your Mac to allow it to monitor outside noises.

Xmart Volume is fitted in a small and semi transparent window, which makes it very discreet on your desktop. You can adjust the volume level with your mouse, choose an input level and a listener, like your in-built microphone.

With the sensitivity slider, which is not available on trial, you can decide how sensitive your microphone will be to outside noises, so that it only takes into account voices and not mouse clicks. This function still needs a bit of work though as we did not always find it very precise.

If you work in a busy environment, Xmart Volume is a promising tool to have to ensure you never miss conversations even when you are listening to your tracks.

To put it simple, Xmart Volume utilizes the built-in mic of your Mac or iSight. It actively “listen” to the environment sound level. It turns down your headphone volume when it detects any sound which is louder than the background noise.

Xmart Volume turns down your headphone volume when someone (e.g. your colleague or boss...) talks to you.

Although not guaranteed, Xmart Volume reduces your chance of missing important announcement when you are enjoying a movie or iTune on your MacBooks while waiting for a flight in airport.


  • Smart Active Volume Control
  • Environment sound level monitoring
  • Background noise level adaptation
  • White tone HUD interface
  • Semi-opaque window

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Xmart Volume


Xmart Volume 1.1

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